Motivational Quotes

Motivational Quotes

Your Self-Development

Our Selfie Seeker curated motivational quotes are created to inspire you to keep moving forward no matter what surprise life throws at you. For this reason, we invite you to use these motivational quotes as positive affirmations to guide you along.

Remember that in any personal-growth journey, positive thinking is important to steer your mind in the direction of where you wish to be. If you don’t pay attention, you risk ending up where you’d rather not be. This is a very important part of any self-care routine.

Positive Thinking is Key

Thinking positively about challenges isn’t wishfully pushing them away. That would be like throwing a clean blanket on a pile of dirt in your driveway to conceal it. It will only be a matter of time before the stench slips past the blanket.

Think of positive thinking rather as a way of acknowledging the pile of dirt. Then instead of letting its presence trick you into thinking that we live in a dirty hopeless world that makes it impossible to even attempt to clean up anything, finding a positive interpretation. A positive interpretation inspires you to not only clean it up, but to also find ways of preventing such dumps from happening around your house again.

Here is a task to help you dive deeper:

How would you create a positive thinking framework around finding a pile of dirt in your driveway?

Through positive thinking you are:

  • Consciously choosing to positively influence your quality of life.
  • Choosing to transform any trials and challenges into positive outcomes.
  • Reminding yourself that regardless of how undesirable a situation can be, there’s always a path out.

Yes, there are much bigger and more life-threatening challenges in life than finding a pile of dirt in your driveway.

Motivational Quotes

That’s why these motivational quotes exist; to remind us that others have been there too, and made it out with words of wisdom. We can do the same. Self-growth is so powerful it is inspirational.

Let these quotes guide you through any life situation. Share them with friends and family.

Enjoy these inspirational quotes.