Selfie Seeker l Caring for the Inner Selfie

Tools for self-discovery, self-care, self-coaching, and growth

SELFIE SEEKERS believe that true empowerment begins with awareness that self-development and growth need to happen inside out. This growth begins when the individual becomes aware that they are responsible for creating the change they wish to see in their personal lives and in the world.

Caring for the Inner Selfie

We create and curate self-coaching and self-care tools that support anyone who wishes to journey inwards in order to explore the inner-patterns that shape their realities. We call this self-care process “caring for the Inner Selfie”.

Caring for the Inner Selfie means checking in with our thoughts, emotions, intentions and actions to make sure that they are always in alignment with the kind of lives we want to create. Checkin in is important because failing to do so often leads to feeling misplaced and unhappy, which in return can create chronic illnesses.

Failing to care for your Inner Selfie also reduces one to the role of constantly reacting to the world outside. When we react, we are pushed into our survival brains of fight or flight. Unfortunately, we can’t be empowered creators from a place of fight or flight.

Release limiting beliefs and thrive

As a solution for the survival brain, our tools are created to inspire making time for self-care. They also encourage and support the unlearning of patterns that keep us living out stories that don’t serve our ambitions. These patterns, which are learned from childhood, run the show without us being aware. They function like a having a program running in us that make us go in the opposite direction of our dreams.

Our tools will help you unlock your unique potential in ways that allow you to:

  1. Become a creator (not reactor) of your reality
  2. Discover and live out your purpose
  3. Be in secure relationships
  4. Find happiness from living out your authentic expression instead of wearing a mask
  5. Become a self-actualized and interdependent (not co-dependent) contributor in any collective you are drawn to

We look forward to guiding your journey to your authentic Selfie!